Teachers Confirmed

Cacau Moutinho
( lives in Lille – from Bahia Brazil)


Cacau has been dancing forro since he was a kid. Native of Bahia (Serinha) he decided to devote himself entirely to music after he graduated from University.

He played in several bands like Percatilha de Corou, Xote Civilizado and RockxoteSamareggaeno galope as a percussionist (zabumba).

In France, he gets fullly involved with the Brazil Afro Funk collective and plays in 3 bands : Forro Pitu, Samba Bamba, and Choco Brazileiro.

His great experience as a dancer in Brazil leads him to give forro classes, workshops and shows, and therefore participate in developing Forro in Lille, with the help of his partner Lydie, who’s also an artist of the collective.


Anax Caracol
 (lives in London Uk – from Tocantins Brazil)

Anax 3.jpg

 Anax Caracol is a nortista brasileiro, born in the heart of Brazil.

His passion for dance was sparked from a very early age, inspired by his family who taught him the value and importance of the rich cultural heritage of the North and North-East of Brazil.

Anax’s interests grew once he moved to the cultural Coco town of Arcoverde in the backlands of the state of Pernambuco when he was only 8 years old. From there, he explored and learned many types of popular dances such as Coco, Maracatu, Brazilian contemporary, Orixas dances and of course Forró where hes first master became Lula Calixto, the mentor and creator of Coco Raizes de Arcoverde.

Anax has trained also with very well know dance master`s such as Antonio Nobrega, Omolu and others who inspired him in his life and career as a dancer. His experiences led to his participation in one of the top Afro companies in the country, the Bale Folclorico da Bahia and the well-known classic company of Carmen Serra in Spain.
Since moving to London in 2009, Anax became a key part of the Forró scene in the UK, teaching regular classes in London, Birmingham, Bristol and in different universities around UK. He also teaches and performs at numerous dance festivals around Europe.1185544_160402684163896_1863772378_n

Anax`s style is an amalgamation of many forms of movement and expression, and is heavily influenced by Coco Raiz, where use of footwork is emphasised, making the dance more playful and fun.

He describes his style as having the essence of Luiz Gonzaga at its core and places high value on the cultural roots of Forró pe de serra!

 Camila Alves
(Lives and from Lisboa Portugal)


Camilla 2Camila was born in Portugal and has always had a great passion for dance.

At 14 years old, she began practicing Argentine Tango. This she did for 3 years along with 4 years of salsa. She also exposed herself to African dance styles such as Kizomba and Semba.

In 2010, now 17, she felt the need to explore her movement in a new and exciting way, which was when she found forró and fell in love instantly. She began taking classes with Pablo Dias, and became his dance partner 1 year later in 2011, teaching classes at dance festivals all over the world.

In 2014, Camila decided to pursue her own solo career as a forró teacher and has since taught in London for 3 years.camillaphoto

She is now based in Lisbon, teaching regularly at Espaço Baião, developing an interesting side of ladies styling and mixed classes, where she encourages women and men to take their exploration of forró to new heights!


 Axel De Barros & Cécile Mollet
(Lives in Geneva Switzerland / from Rio de Janeiro Brazil)



Axel was born in Rio.

In 2010, Axel received a scholarship from the Jaime Aroxa Dance School. He learned the Forró, as well as other dances and styles, such as Gafieira Samba,  souk, bolero and salsa. He became a teacher and started giving private lessons.

The Forró quickly became his favorite dance, to which he is mixing other dance styles like samba gafieira and tango. He also explores the footwork, contact and musicality.


Since January 2016, he lives and teaches Forró in Geneva. He gave forró classes for the association « Forró de Genebra » for 1 year and now he continues to do so for the association « Danca Malandro ».

IMG-20170325-WA0000 (1)



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